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MedOptimise Online Tool

MedOptimise (MO) award-winning technology has helped CCG’s/Alliances/PCNs/Clusters and Practices easily deliver their QIPP programmes within the first quarter of the year via enhanced reporting tools and savings generation algorithm.

MedOptimise is the only high-performance business intelligence medicines optimisation software which will help you and your team simplify all Medicines Optimisation QIPP project work, generate your savings and report faster to achieve targets earlier in the fiscal year.

The system allows clinical professionals to record their Patient review outcomes and dashboard these to compare with peers and improve confidence. 

Drug costs/savings, Hospital admissions prevented, lab tests requested, workload implications and risk are all documented in an easy to use web based system.

Led by senior experienced clinical Pharmacists, you can be assured of a system that will meet your needs.

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MedOptimise Online Tool

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