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Doctor and Patient

A Complete Medicines Optimisation Solution

Tailored for your team

Created and managed by experienced Medicines Optimisation Pharmacists

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MedOptimise is an award-winning innovative software system conceptualised, developed and built by experienced medicines optimisation pharmacists.

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G-13 Framework Approved

Our Story

Since our story first began in 2014, we have gone from strength to strength, having enabled savings of more than £40k per team member to date. We are a privately held UK company for the people of the UK, with care and expertise at the forefront of everything we do. 

Our Vision

Our wider goal is to contribute to NHS England’s goals towards the optimisation of medicines using a patient-centred approach, to ensure patients obtain the best possible outcomes from their medicines.

Award-Winning Technology

MedOptimise is an award winning multi-use tool, which can be used as an advanced clinical intelligence platform to offer the following elements: clinical decision support and medicines optimisation. It also offers data security aligned with NHS Digital Standards.

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers


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How it works

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MedOptimise is a smart, cloud-based electronic therapeutic management platform designed to respond to the need for efficient optimisation of medicines. This system offers a complete medicines optimisation solution, which prioritises the safe and effective use of medicines, to enable the best possible outcomes.


MedOptimise is a tailored tool designed for use in GP practices, Primary Care Networks and at scale by Integrated Care Boards and Health Boards. Using this system, practitioners can achieve their goals when providing care to patients, record their patient review outcomes and compare their outcomes with peers across systems and improve confidence.

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Benefits and Features


Medicines Finance

MedOptimise has helped Health Organisations in managing billions of pounds of prescribing spend at a Health Economy and Practice level.


  • Management of prescribing and medicines budgets

  • Analysis of data with a Full Prescribing Analytics Suite

  • Cost pressures

  • Public health recharges

  • QIPP, including management and monitoring of Practice schemes

  • Rebates

  • Priority Prescribing Programme

  • Self-care programme

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MedOptimise has gone from strength to strength. 


Most recently, we won the EMIS 2022 Partner of the Year award!


Our technology not only speaks for itself, and the impact it has had on the clients we work with but our team are the ones that make all this possible.

Our small knit expert team have years of experience of delivering high quality services for the NHS.

Medicines commissioning

MedOptimise has a strong track record in supporting Health Organisations with the commissioning of medicines:


  • Formulary management

  • Shared care/interface issues

  • New medicines audits

  • Individual funding requests (IFRs)

  • Therapeutic care reviews

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Medicines Safety & Quality

MedOptimise utilises integration with GP IT systems eg. EMIS to ensure all elements of patients at risk along with quality improvements are recorded and dahsboarded to demonstrate outcomes:

  • Evidence based interventions that are nationally recognised as good practice eg. MHRA, STOMP, STOPPStart, NICE, NHSE, Royal Colleges etc

  • Antimicrobial stewardship (AMS)

  • Deprescribing Dependency forming medicines

  • Care Homes Medicines Management

  • Controlled drugs advice and monitoring

  • Structured medication reviews

  • Chronic Disease and Long Term Conditions Management

  • And many other medicines optimisation functions


Meet The Team


Sean Mackey

Founder & CEO

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Clare Mackey



Tunde Kikiowo

Information Governance & Frameworks Lead


Our MedOptimise family is growing, we are so grateful for all of our Practices, Health Boards and ICBs!


What Our Clients Think:

“A formal framework for recording interventions can be adapted to fit your organisation's needs. Visual depiction of data which is more user friendly for customers support for users”

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