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How Pharmacists Create Value

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

By Tunde Kikiowo 02:05am 13/12/2022

Over the past few months, David Webb, England’s Chief Pharmaceutical officer has

clearly stated the need to showcase the value pharmacists create in all parts of the

health system.

General practice, in particular, is under immense pressure to deliver the GMS

contract. QOF framework is so much more demanding as the years have gone by

with NHS England demanding value for money for the many years of investment.

Furthermore, the ARRS staffing funds are competed for by all healthcare team

members, leaving Clinical Directors the sole determinant of where to push the funds.

Pharmacists present a very particular group of clinical professionals who are smart at

linking clinical outcomes to Return on Investments. Pharmacy teams including

Pharmacists and Techs present an opportunity for PCNs to run Long term Condition

clinics, help practices do Clinical Audits for CQC visits, attain QOF points targets

while at the same time improving access for patients who sometimes cannot get GP

appointments and evidence has shown patients to be satisfied with seeing

Pharmacists in GP practices.

Yet many PCNs are still not getting the best out of us. One way to help

is to have a way to show in real terms the value created by Pharmacists.

The MedOptimise Tool clearly shows the value of direct income generated by Pharmacists

and Techs into PCNs/GP practice’s financial bottom line via:

• QOF work, IIF DES Income, local incentive schemes.

• MedOptimise also directly shows the number of Hospital Readmissions

prevented in money value and how much this has saved the NHS, specifically

the GP practice.

• MedOptimise also shows the number of GP appointments avoided in monetary


• The monetary value of the number of Laboratory tests avoided via reviews

done by pharmacy teams

• The savings generated in pound sterling by every switch and optimisation

work done across the system

MedOptimise literally creates efficiency savings without compromising clinical

outcomes. Investing in Pharmacy teams is a no-brainer asset for PCNs and

MedOptimise is the ideal tool to show the capability our pharmacists bring into the

healthcare Delivery of our Health systems. Many Health systems across the UK

already use this tool in providing advanced clinical services, contact your friendly

MedOptimise team today for a demo.

Tunde Kikiowo MPharmS MBA is the Frameworks Lead at MedOptimise Ltd

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