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The Biggest Mistake ICBs Make When Buying Healthcare Technology...

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

By Tunde Kikiowo 8:20 pm 31/3/2022

You may be wondering what ICBs (Integrated Care Boards) have to do with healthcare technology. But the truth is, they oversee procuring and managing it across their entire region or Health System. And when they don't know how to buy healthcare tech, well, it can cost them a lot of money and the patients that rely on them for care suffer without the right services or medicines. This blog post will give you insider tips from someone who has been there before so you can avoid these common mistakes which could be costing your organisation big time!

ICBs are responsible for making decisions on behalf of their population. They need to make these decisions in a way that is fair, transparent and evidence-based. However, this can be difficult when the ICB doesn't understand the technology they're purchasing. The decision ICBs make when buying healthcare technology and tips on how to avoid or mitigate them if they happen is a vital asset.

  • The first mistake CCGs often make is not asking what problems the technology will solve before deciding whether it's worth investing in it. For example, if there's no problem with labelling drugs then don't buy expensive barcode scanning equipment just because you think it looks cool! or buying a new or add-on software from an existing vendor when not really needing it or just because it's fancy and a nice-to-have.

  • The second mistake is not evaluating the interoperability of the solution with existing systems. The NHS is a complex system and it's vital the solution in this case e.g. Clinical Decision Support System interoperates with existing clinical systems.

  • The third mistake CCGs make is not listening to the users and clinicians who will be the main users of the system. Not doing an impact assessment or user/needs analysis has led to a serious failure of IT project delivery in the care setting leading to long and needless waste of time and resources.

  • The fourth mistake ICBs make in buying health IT is not doing due diligence on the scalability and adaptability of the system intended to be bought for the health system.

  • The Fifth mistake ICBs make is not doing due diligence on the different options available in the market, In the case of many CCGs paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for Clinical Decision Support Software which should cost a fraction of the cost, MedOptimise is a cost-smart option for these organisations.

  • MedOptimise has proven itself to be effective and smart for many ICBs and Health Boards across the NHS in England and Wales, contact us today to see how we can transform your workflow.

Tunde is the Frameworks and Projects Lead at MedOptimise

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