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We've made it! MedOptimise Approved on G-Cloud 13 Contracts Framework

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

By Tunde Kikiowo 6/9/2022

Like a dream come true when the MedOptimise team received the news of being approved to be on the G-Cloud 13 Framework. This has very important implications for the NHS.

For those of us that don’t know, G-Cloud 13 is one of the largest framework agreements in the UK. Generally, framework agreements are a platform for multiple buyers and procurement agencies to purchase approved services.

Many ICBs are on these frameworks where the funding is only available to purchase services from medicines optimisation firms like MedOptimise already approved to be on the frameworks.

The advantage of these frameworks is that NHS organisations can access a wide range of pre-approved suppliers based on a rigorous vetting process.

MedOptimise being approved means we are now available to more buyers providing more choice and value for our ICBs and Medicines Optimisation Stakeholders. This also provides the extra layer of assurance to our stakeholders about the unique value we offer and how we are different from the competition by providing authentic medicines Optimisation solutions to our partners in integrated care boards and primary care.

What sets us apart is that we are frontline Clinical Pharmacists with decades of combined experience in primary care, secondary care, and commissioning. MedOptimise Director Sean Mackey said, “It’s a fantastic achievement and we are deeply grateful to be approved on the G-13 framework, so we have a broader scope to offer more NHS customers the most cost-effective Medicines Optimisation solution in the UK primary care market”.

Our customers cherish us because we provide a listening ear responding within a very short time frame to the needs of our frontline teams. Our nimble size helps us to be agile incorporating updates to our solution using robust processes designed by our team who are passionate about what they do. More importantly, because we don’t answer to institutional or foreign shareholders, we place our customer’s needs at the forefront of what we do.

The MedOptimise tool is the most versatile tool in the UK market consisting of a full prescribing analytics suite for use at scale by ICBs for QIPP programmes and a frontline api in GP clinical systems for patient facing professionals to conduct SMRs, IIF DES work, QOF work, Interventions and Switches plus so much more.

MedOptimise being on G-Cloud 13 in addition to the Digital Outcomes Framework (whose approval we also received in June 2022) provides the opportunity for ICBs, PCNs and individual GP practices to have access to the most cost-effective Medicines Optimisation Solution in the UK Healthcare Market.

Check us out in the G-Cloud 13 Lot 2 Cloud Software (SaaS), we are live under the Healthcare category from November 9th, 2022. If your ICB teams or PCN teams are struggling to meet your Network DES IIF indicators, please contact us today and experience the amazing service thousands of GP practices have come to depend on for the care of their patients.

Learn more here.

Tunde Kikiowo is the Governance and Frameworks Lead at MedOptimise Ltd.

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