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MedOptimise Awarded EMIS Medicines Optimisation Partner of the Year 2022

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

By Tunde Kikiowo, 12:11am 14/11/2022

MedOptimise Awarded EMIS Medicines Optimisation Partner of the Year 2022

By Tunde Kikiowo, 12:11am 14/11/2022

It was a pleasant surprise to be awarded the EMIS Medicines Optimisation Partner of the Year 2022 at the annual Partner awards on Friday 12th Nov 2022.

It has truly been a long journey from our humble beginnings many years ago when our founder grappled with understanding the real needs of the patient regarding medicines use. Those were the early days in the 90s when pharmacists first started working in GP practices, patients needed to receive safely prescribed medicines that don’t cost the earth to the NHS. How does a Clinician decide from the myriad of choices presented in the clinical system? How does a clinician balance safety, “cost and effectiveness” especially in a patient-facing scenario or at scale on a system level. How does a Health economy balance the needs of the population vs the limited drug budgets and the constant newspaper headlines about the deficits in the NHS?

These and many more were the deeply penetrating questions about how MedOptimise started with a vision to provide very useful tools to the clinician in primary care.

Fast forward many years later to the era of PCNs, ICBs, GP Federations and other system providers there is the ever-greater need to provide specific health solutions to individual patients from the perspective of the larger health economy.

Enter the newer version of MedOptimise directly integrated into the EMIS Clinical system- the UK’s most used Clinical System in GP practices.

MedOptimise had already established itself as a very capable Prescribing Analytics system used in over 2,000 GP practices in the UK, but our clinicians desired the need to do everything right within EMIS and complete the work safely within the patient’s records, either a simple switch program as directed by the ICB or a Long-Term Condition Review or a Structured Medication Review.

No single Clinical Software in the UK could provide this capability. ICBs and GP practices had to purchase up to 3 separate software products:

1) Clinical Decision Support tool

2) Prescribing analysis

3) Clinical templates

MedOptimise provides a complete package within EMIS to do all 3 functions saving up to 90% of the combined cost of buying individual software products to perform the same function.

MedOptimise created a solution bespoke within EMIS to help clinicians as a one-stop-shop to optimise medicines use, analyse prescribing and offers a Medicines Review Template for LTCs, SMRs and Switches while providing proper cover for QOF and IIF DES payments. Coventry and Warwickshire ICB is one of our Partner ICBs in England using the new EMIS-Integrated MedOptimise 2.0 for managing their patients when Pharmacists face patients within individual GP practices. The MedOptimise team have also upgraded the tool with significantly faster speeds and instant refresh of the analytics dashboards for managers at the system level.

It was a humble experience to be chosen out of the many products as the EMIS Medicines Optimisation Partner of the year 2022, it does confirm that hard work, a commitment to excellence and building a product that truly provides value, as well as solves problems, are recognised.

Contact the MedOptimise Team today and experience how the tool used to manage 16 million patients can transform your clinical pharmacy team and achieve your Medicine Optimisation goals in your GP practice, PCN or as an ICB.

Tunde Kikiowo works with the MedOptimise Team as the Frameworks and Projects Lead.

Reach him via

MedOptimise is an Approved Framework Provider

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